Brass Horn Communications Projects

Helping Evade Surveillance & Censorship

This page is a list of our on-going anti-surveillance / anti-censorship projects. Feel free to contact us via Twitter or Email if you'd like to help or have a suggestion on other ways we can help.


s53 is an opensource software and hardware combination that potentially destroys crypto partitions to make use of the Paragraph 2 and 3 defenses before a RIPA Section 49 notice can be issued.

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Tor Relays

We operate one of the largest UK based Tor relay families (a group of relays operated by the same entity) to help people avoid illegal mass surveillance both at home here in the UK and for those elsewhere in the world.

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PacketFlagon Anti-Censorship Tool

PacketFlagon was a self repairing, horizontally scalable, sharded, free, BSD licensed, take-down resistant, anti-Internet censorship platform. Due to the risk inherent to centralised platforms the project has morphed into a local HTTP daemon that provides the same functionality & uses a local Tor SOCKS5 proxy for connectivity.

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OnionDSL connects an ADSL or VDSL modem/router directly to the Tor network from within the confines of a private WAN. This approach removes the risk of DNS or side-channel attacks exposing your 'real' public IP as there wouldn't be one.

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RIPACrypt - Self Destructing Secrets

RIPACrypt is a response to those who have suggested that s53 might fall foul of other legislation. Using RIPACrypt one could store the pass phrase (or a Bitlocker / LUKs keyfile etc) for a given computer in a Crypt with a 3x 1 hour deadline. That computer could then be configured to check-in every hour on the hour, if the computer was seized then RIPACrypt would destroy the data after 3 hours and timestamp when this was done.

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Ablative Hosting

Ablative Hosting is a web hosting platform that automatically enables LetsEncrypt SSL and Tor .onion Hidden Service functionality. Your website is effortlessly more secure and can't be censored by Web Filtering!

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