Become a Member

Become a Member

Brass Horn Communications members help guide what we do, help educate others in secure Internet usage and membership dues help pay for the costs of our infrastructure.

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All membership benefits are governed by our acceptable usage policy

Shell Account

All members get an account on one of our (full disk encrypted) dedicated shell servers with 100Mb of disk space (negotiable) and full access to a variety of tools such as mutt, pine, curl, Tor GPG etc.
Home directories are tar'd up and encrypted with your GPG key and backed up on a 7 day rolling basis. Only you can decrypt the backup.


Optional access to a variety of email addresses (
Feel free to store locally and access via our IMAP/SMTP hidden service or locally on the shell with mutt etc or forwarded at will by editing your .forward file.

Hidden Service & Clear Net Hosting

If a ~/public_html/ directory is created in your home directory its contents will be published using the ~username namespace at and via our hidden service.


If you'd like to receive some Tor Project or Brass Horn Comms stickers then once you're signed up send us an email and we'll sort some out for you!

Anonymous Membership

We don't need to know who you are to help you improve your communications security. All we ask for is a preferred username and a GPG key with which to communicate with you.

Anti-Surveillance Processes

  • All connections to our services our encrypted (TLS, Tor, SSH) and we will not surrender private keys. Periodic key rotation will be announced.
  • We will not keep any logs for any services (httpd, sshd, postfix, Tor bridges, etc)
  • UK staff do not hold the decryption keys for any of the disks in servers physically located in the UK so cannot be co-erced to decrypt a seized server under RIPA s.49

Signup For Membership

Please ensure your GPG key is correct as you will need it to decrypt the confirmation message detailing the next steps.

Membership costs £5.00 per month. By default we utilise but you can pay by Bitcoin instead.