About us

Everyone Has The Right To Communicate Securely

Our Government & the unelected Lords are attempting to force through legislation that will see every man, woman and child subject to mass surveillance from cradle to grave. Despite repeated campaigns by Industry and Privacy campaigners they keep bringing the bills back. We are helping people to defend themselves against these unjust practises.

Who Are We?

Industry professionals, privacy advocates, hackers, parents, siblings, friends; People like you.

We're looking for volunteers to help, run servers, spread the word, liase with communities and more. Join us.

Our History

Brass Horn Communications was founded as its own legal entity in February 2015 but has been operating in spirit for many years.

We've been managing Tor nodes, reporting on Internet filtering, campaigning and hacking (in the true sense) for decades.


Everyone deserves the right to browse and communicate securely without the orweillian nightmare that is the modern surveillance state watching their every move

Targeted surveillance has its place and is (arguably) necessary for a functioning society but when the Government targets everyone then we have to help everyone despite the implications.


We provide a variety of services that are available to everyone.
Additional services are available to members.

Anti Censorship Platform

The PacketFlagon.is platform enables those with censored Internet connections to bypass filters by building customised PAC files to selectively route certain websites via uncensored proxies.
Volunteers can deploy HydraProxy shards which can create and serve PAC files whilst synchronising with the central node to help frustrate blocks of the PAC serving servers or they can deploy an entire stand-alone platform.

Tor Relays & Exits

We manage several Tor Relays and intend to bring enough UK centric bridges and exits to improve UK Tor speed.

Tor Bridges on Demand

[ Coming Soon ]

We intend to create a "Bridges as a Service" platform allowing people to quickly (~2mins) spin up a dedicated Tor bridge for on-demand browsing. Ephemeral bridges will not exist long enough to be detected and added to static black lists.

Self Reliance

To reduce the chances of ourside interference we try to manage as much of our infrastructure as possible

IP Routing

As of June 2015 we are a Local Internet Registry meaning we have our own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses routed via our own ASN through carefully chosen transit partners.


The core of our platform (shells01, services01, services02, services03, router01) were built and installed by ourselves then deployed with verified installs of OpenBSD or CentOS.
All servers are protected by s53 hardware.


We do not use Dedicated Servers as their ILO configuration / OS install / KVM setup cannot be guaranteed to be interference free so we utilise co-location facilities where we monitor physical access with tamper detection stickers and s53 hardware.


We are currently working on becoming a domain registrar to ensure we can register domains for members and ourselves whilst ensuring that they won't be seized by extra-legal action from rogue entities.