Welsh legend has it that Britain was plagued by the Coraniaid who could not be injured because their hearing was so sharp that they could hear any sound that the wind carried. It was by using a Brass Horn that Llefelys was able to securely communicate to his brother Lludd how to defeat the Coraniaid.

In the world of today it is the Surveillance State that wishes to hear any sound the wind carries, any message sent over the Internet and any web page viewed. Brass Horn Communications endeavours to provide UK centric Tor Relays, Bridges & Exits as well as education in how to use Tor and other tools to secure your communication.

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Tor Relays

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Onion3G - Surveillance Frustrating Mobile Internet

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Ablative.Hosting - Censorship Resistant Web Hosting

OnionDSL - Surveillance Frustrating Broadband

RIPACrypt - Self Destructing Secrets to Thwart RIPA s.49

S53 - Fighting Compelled Decryption Legislation with Technology

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